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Documentation for
Downloads V1.20-297
This module is there to provide downloads to users. URL's can be entered or for files smaller than 2MB, the Binary DB can be used. The good thing about it - links to an application can be generated and these will be valid no matter the release, as the release is handled on the background invisible to the user.
Author Joerg Mertin  smurphy(-AT-)solsys(-DOT-)org 
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Last change: November 09 2020 11:46:38.
Download module for phpPhobos

Purpose of this module

This module provide Site Admins, User to provide/upload files for download. However - for more discrete people - the possibility exists to set ACL's to the content e.g. to provide the download only to dedicated or site-registered users.
Download Submissions can be performed by any registered User - however the site admin moderates the access to the submissions. Means - he has to activate the new file to the download section.

Some Highlights of this module

  • Display Existing subcategories as Block.
  • Users can submit new downloads - these will be moderated by the site admin
  • Admins can add, delete and modify all Download Entries
  • Admins can add, delete and modify Categories/Subcategories
  • ACL applied to Download Entries... E.g. an entry can be shown to the World Users, Site registered users or just to dedicated users)
  • Binary GUI Interface integration. means the user can upload binary files, and these will be linked to a specific Download Entry. The idea mainly came to me - when putting external links - that are sometime in future removed - you can have uploaded a version that will still be available - even though the original is gone...
  • New submissions are mailed to the Admin
  • This module fully integrates into the site-wide search interface

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