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Servers in place  
Posted by smurphy on Sunday, 7 February 2010 - 15:31  GMT
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Linux Hardware

 The servers are in place now. Took some time to find a place to put them, but at last, as they are passively cooled, I had to find an open space for them. The UPS and KVM Switch are of course also available, as a screen and keyboard for admin tasks. Check for yourself.

What you see here, are from top left to bottom right: Routerboard RB493AH Firewall Router (ADSL Modem is hanging on the left side of the Rack), Screen/Keyboard, Philips Skype Telephone.

Down one - KVM Switch, External Backup Drive for time-based backups (Incrementel, full and mirror backups), then the NAS Server (hosting 2x40GB Harddrives in Mirror mode for availability of the data). Note that all data disks are encrypted.

Last but not least, the Mail/Web Server itself and the 350VA UPS which is a quite nice addition for any hardware in place. In case there is a power outage - I still can use the phone and the internet for about an hour. The Screen is not by default plugged into the UPS to have a maximum duration for the important systems. Note that all hardware plugged to the UPS drain about 48W of Power if the external Backup disk is powered up and not in sleep mode. In Sleep mode - all these systems use about 42W. 

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