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NAS Died ... and replaced  
Posted by smurphy on Sunday, 29 August 2010 - 11:28  GMT
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 my old NAS beeing dead (kind of had to expect it, the server died, and the NAS was not much younger than the server) - I decided to go for a replacement having the following features:

  • Low power consumption
  • Raid capability
  • Linux OS, that can be adapted to own needs
  • Possibility to use more than 2 disks, preferably enough to hold a Raid5
  • SMART Monitoring capability for all disks
  • UPS Support - Back-UPS CS 350

After lots of searching & Googling, I finally cam up to choose the SS839 Pro from QNap. It offers me what I wanted, and more

The SS-839 Pro Turbo NAS is the 8-bay, 2.5" SATA HDD network-attached storage server for business users who need a power-saving, high performance, and reliable network storage solution with professional features such as advanced RAID protection, built-in iSCSI target service, and AES 256-bit volume-based encryption.

This system has been equipped with 6x640GB Samsung SpinPoint M7 2.5" Disks - configured as Raid5 + Spare Disk providing around 2.3TBytes of storage capacity.
The disks of the old NAS (40GB Disks - 1 Broke, and I still had a replacement laying around), have been added too - to form the Encrypted Raid1/Mirror location on the NAS. All private and sensitive Information is stored on it. Note that once shut down - the Raid1/Mirror Device needs to be unlocked manually.

/dev/md0                  2.3T    558.6G      1.7T  24% /share/MD0_DATA
/dev/mapper/md1          35.2G      5.8G     29.4G  17% /share/MD1_DATA

Remote backups are still done the old way - using my backup-scripts (check the FAQ for more details on my site), except for the sensitive information. I don't want that information to be stored on the unencrypted devices, hence the use of rsnapshot on the Raid 1/Mirror device. Should be enough security.

The negative side of this little Device is that it's trying to do too many things - kind of getting bloated as Microsft OS's are. To counter this issue, I removed most software and functionality I could without being intrusive (I still want to be able to perform Firmware updates the easy way), however all the Multimedia capability - which has nothing to do on a NAS - has been removed. I am still struggling as to remove the WebInterface (configuration etc.) and eventually replace the loaded system kernel (the actual version does not provide any iptables for firewall capability).  

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