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Dynamic Blacklisting updated  
Posted by smurphy on Wednesday, 29 January 2014 - 18:47  GMT
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 As script-kiddies from around the world are so keen to probe for any type of existing software etc., I decided to enhance the currently running blacklisting system a little.
Until now, people probing non existing pages on this server had 3 attempts before being blocked by the websites software (put into a quarantine access). However, as soon as they continued probing from the same IP Address - they were locked out hard by the firewall which checks the system on a regular base for adding new IP's to be blocked.
The new system is a little bit smarter. As I know exactly what URL's are valid on this site, whatever access that goes on a non existing URL will query the Bad URI DB. If the current URL exists in there, and is marked as bad - the sequesters IP will be Blacklisted immediately on the Router/Firewall level. No more grace period for probing kids.
A URL can be marked bad by the site admin, or will be marked as being nasty pretty fast if the requester of bad URL's is known to probe for security holes, as detected by the first level defense. 

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