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Parental control activated  
Posted by smurphy on Monday, 21 July 2014 - 22:57  GMT
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 as the kids start getting older, and they tend to test out the limits of the "internet" - I had to do something to prevent them from discovering things they should not see.
As I had already implemented a phishing and add-blocking system throughout the DNS Server I host on my server, what I needed was a way to block the kids access to some by us parents unwanted content.

The answer to this question was Bind9 + views + openDNS.
Bind9 and views allowed me to setup some ACL's - providing the kids their own access control list. In their ACL, not only are they protected from add/bloatware and phishing sites through the self-built protection system, but they will use as dedicated forwarder openDNS configured to prevent them from going to certain type of URL.

Hopefully this will be enough until they are grown up enough to understand what they may find out there.  

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