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RC Models DB released  
Posted by smurphy on Sunday, 29 May 2016 - 12:15  GMT
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 The RC Models database has been released. It is based mostly on the dyntbl extension which enables users to create and configure their own storage systems while taking advantage of the secured code of the phpPhobos website.
So far - the only accessible interface is the RC Model Listing for people to be able to see the models. Going on the details of the models, one can see what hardware is being used and the details will provide even more insight on the used hardware devices and batteries.
In fact - the idea started with having a database to take track of the batteries life cycles, and ended in a DB having all details on the models and components used to build these, including a battery life-cycle management interface down to providing information on the state of the batteries based on the last measurements provided.

To have access to the Model Management UI - one needs an account to the Stargate site - for that - ask the local admin to provide it. 

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