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Servers and NAS moved to basement  
Posted by admin on Sunday, 2 October 2016 - 23:15  GMT
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 It was a long Weekend, but I finally managed to move the Servers out of the office into the Basement. That is, Web/Mail Server and UPS went into one 10" rack, while the NAS and a new firewall based on Shorewall went into a Smaller 10"rack.

As a new MPOE was also setup some weeks ago, 8x1Gbps Cat6a SFP cables were set over to the server racks. The NAS is now connected using 2x1Gbps bonding. The max-speed per channel may only be 1Gbps, however 2 systems can simultaneously transfer traffic at that speed (Tested 920Mbps).

The new firewall, a small j1900 based x86_64 system with 4x1Gbps Intel Lan-Ports using Shorewall as firewall software, provides adequat throughput for when the fiber will be installed. That will still have to wait a while though - however the old firewall RB493G from Mikrotik had its limit at around 200Mbps with a 200filter rules and around 200 entries in the blacklist tables. This little beast now barely shows 1% CPU utilization with around 400 Rules and 500 Blacklist entries at 930Mbps. We'll see if the investment was worth it when the fiber is installed!

As a small screen was required (connected to the KVM), I went for the Sunfounder Edition which is a very nice little Display providing HDMI and VGA (required for the KVM). Still missing a 30cm Keyboard - but that is only a matter of time until I find one that suits my needs.

Note - most of the time was spent to fit the NAS into the 10" rack. It was required to actually remove the cage holding the rackable components to fit it in. And that is also a situation one realizes that cables take space too! :smile-grin: face-smile-grin.svg 

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