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New server in place  
Posted by smurphy on Saturday, 19 June 2010 - 21:59  GMT
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msi wind

 as the old one did die randomly, and it is of over 10 years old already, I decided to go for a new hardware.
In fact, I found in a shop nearby a MSI Wind PC2325VHB with 2GB Ram, 500GB Harddisk, and an Intel Atom 230 @ 1.6GHz.
All I had to do, was to copy the content of the harddisk of the old server over, make sure the network card driver worked, and the new mac-address was assigned to eth0. Also, the grub-loader had to be reconfigured to boot from a S-ATA disk instead of a IDE disk.[b...  

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LongTime bug finally fixed ... lo interface not being configured at boot.  
Posted by smurphy on Wednesday, 16 June 2010 - 12:09  GMT
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Stargate Icon

 For a long time, the stargate server was not able to perform an automated reboot.
It was quite difficult to figure out why, the loopback interface did not come up. However, after following the boot-up process several times, it avered that the /var/run could not be mounted as virtual filesystem, as it would be overmounted by the /var Partition. However - the ifup program looked in the /var/run/network file to see if an interface is already configured.
When the system did shutdown, the l...  

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Greylisting reactivated  
Posted by smurphy on Tuesday, 18 May 2010 - 20:48  GMT
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Stargate Icon

 as it seems, many spammers and spam-networks come back to life, and the bayesian filters are not capable of reaching a high enough score for tyhe spam-system to identify and lock out SPAM, I have reactivated greylisting capability to see if it locks out some more spam. Right now - about 10 get through the spam-filter a day. Hopefully, this will work. 

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OS Type Access Percentages  
Posted by smurphy on Wednesday, 10 March 2010 - 17:47  GMT
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Stargate Icon

 Added a small addition to the site active_users function. It now extracts data from the referer to identify the Operating system of the requesting browser, and displays some statistics. All non identified Operating systems known are Linux, Windows and Macintosh - go into the group Other.
Note that the percentage is calculated on every page access. 

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Greylisting deactivated  
Posted by smurphy on Monday, 11 January 2010 - 16:06  GMT
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Stargate Icon

 The test has shown that about 5 Spam-Mails a week get passed the spamassassin with greylisting disabled. The issues with mails not being delivered immediatley due to greylisting, in case the sender is not in the users whitelist, was beginning to be a big hassle for everyone.
So - the decision has been taken to disable greylisting completely. 

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Greylisting deactivated temporarily  
Posted by smurphy on Wednesday, 24 June 2009 - 11:42  GMT
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Stargate Icon

 as Spammers do more and more count on greylisting, I decided to remove greylisting for a while to see if it changes anything on the hit-rate of the installed anti-spam engine.
If the results are similar to those achieve with greylisting - the former will stay disabled for the future as of no use any longer.  

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Stargate Backup scripts updated  
Posted by smurphy on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 - 09:20  GMT
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Stargate Icon

 The latest stargate backup-script has been uploaded to the download section. Some bugfixes have been added, but also some new feature. Main is the capability for the system to perform mysql backup dump on a live Mysql DB, and the system will only backup (in incremental mode) the mysql-files/dumps that have changed since last backup-run.
The FAQ Section still needs to reflect these capabilities though. 

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Spam level decreased drastically  
Posted by smurphy on Friday, 5 September 2008 - 11:02  GMT
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Stargate Icon

 after having initiated several actions to decrease spam-level, the results have been very positive.
Despit the increased number of Bot-drones on the Internet, the spam level has decreased considerable (more than 25%). The actions taken were notably:

  • Instore Greylisting
  • Configure Postfix to be very restrictive in SMTP-Header and enforce Communication protocol
  • make the domain a secret-registered domain - this to prevent everyone to see my details on r...  

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New ADSL2 Connection active  
Posted by smurphy on Monday, 31 March 2008 - 21:35  GMT
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Stargate Icon

 The line upgrade has worked flawlessly. DNS system has been updated too - as I could not keep my old IP-Address. Seems the Automated systems at Nefkom are not able to perform certain changes by keeping some of the old data.
Anyway - a speed test shows that we have a constant Downstream of 12MBit and 1mBit upstream - which seem to work correctly. So - outside accesses to Stargate should be even faster now. 

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Old phpwebsite based site decommissioned !  
Posted by smurphy on Monday, 28 January 2008 - 22:35  GMT
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Stargate Icon

 The old webpages of the stargate website have been decommissioned.
All the FAQ Entries from this old site have been moved to the Phobos framework, and imported into the FAQ. So - in case you are missing some informations - please inform the Site admin.
The main reason was that the phpwebsite based framework was not supported anymore (no security fixes etc.) and I didn't want to move the modules I had written for version 0.8.x over to the new versions. The API having changed too much -...  

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