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Some informations about myself !   [ 
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Joerg 3

 Joerg W. Mertin - Clermont/France
Curriculum English

Computer/LiNUX/Network/Security specialist by experience and passion!

If anyone has a Problem, I might help him out.
NOTE: because of some fraud that I have detected - I was forced to actually restrict access to the documented links concerning my person to registered users. Sorry for the inconvenience !

Here's what I do or did:

  • Dec. 2020 - Created BPA probe implant process using entrypoint subjugation method for Dockerized environments.
  • Dec. 2020 - Developed automated BPA (Business Payload Analyzer) plugin compile environment.
  • Aug. 2020 - Created php probe implant process using entrypoint subjugation method for the PHP APMIA for Dockerized environments (docker-compose/kubernetes). Imagine implanting a monitoring probe at container/pod creation time without having to manually modify the application image beforehand.
  • Nov. 2019 - Got certification of Training on Broadcom AIOPS. Note that this combines several Products APM 11, AXA, OI etc. to be installed, troubleshooted and Demo'd to an Audience
  • As of November 2018, CA Technologies was bought by Broadcom where I went into the new AIOps Customer Success Team
  • Feb. 2018 - Was nominated for the CA Q3 FY18 Trailblazer Award Nominations.
  • Feb. 2018 - received an Above and Beyond award for docker DxC image.
  • Feb. 2018 - received the 2018 CA Champion award for my contribution on the CA Community.
  • Jan. 2018 - Created a full configurable version of the CA Experience Collector (DxC) Docker image for OnPremise installation.
  • October 2017 - Finalized the internal knowledge database suitable for our support group to share internal non public knowledge.
  • September 2017 - Developed the percentile visualisation for the Multiport Collector Performance data, with the ability to situate a specific host in the percentile table
  • March 2017 - received an Above and Beyond award for the continuous work on the PCM which finaly went live
  • January 2017 - Was invited to join the 2017 CA Champions Program
  • January 2017 - received a retention bonus. Don't know what my company is afraid of, but I take it anyway :)
  • June 2016 - received an Equity award for my contributions.
  • April 2016 - Participated to the Tiger Team, to define/design new application strategies on the APM Software
  • March 2016 - Got a Above & Beyond award - still need to figure out for what
  • February 2016 - Developed the Transaction Impact Monitor docker builder
  • August 2015 - Got a Above & Beyond award for the Compatibility DB creation & Development
  • April 2015 - got promoted to Principal Service Architect
  • March 2015 - developed a Product Compatibility Search system prototype to find compatible software to the CA APM software.
  • October 2014 - Got a Above & Beyond award for fixing technical issues in Latin America
  • January 2014 - created a prototype image for APM in the Amazon EC2 Cloude with full documentation
  • January 2014 - developed a performance analysis and visualization UI for the Transaction Impact Monitor to do post-mortem analysis.
    The health-check collector scripts (apm-scripts) are also part of this effort. These script collect all required data to dig deep into system/network issues at customer installations
  • Juli 2013 - developed a Cross-Cloning infrastructure to cross-clone Kickstart images from RedHat/CentOS versions that are required by APM/CEM and more CA Applications
  • April 2013 - move to APM Global SWAT. Handling mostly APM things, but also participating in developing protypes (Rosetta - Application Compatibility Matrix, Proxy offload SSL Endpoint decryption) and making pre-release beta testing on new products.
  • As of October 2011 - I have joined the Service Assurance Customer Solution Unit SWAT Team as Sr. Engineering Services Architect in France
    As of May 2008 - I have joined the SWAT & CoE Team as Principal Systems Engineer
    CoE stands for Center of Excellence. This team is there to handle critical situations, and keep the knowledge level in Technical Sales Teams high.
    CEM Technology Consultant at Wily Technologies Deutschland GmbH - taking care of the technical rollout of the Customer Experience Manager Appliance in the EMEA Region. This includes product trainings, consultancy, multilingual speaker at various events.
    Due to my background, some "out of the path" trainings as Advanced Network troubleshooting/Security - which is a key requirement to deploy the CEM Equipment.
    Interim 2006 Work Certificate for CEM Technology Consultant !
    Training Certificate Introscope Up and Running

  • Sr. Systems Engineer at Symantec - My responsibilities are mainly to support the multitude of Security products offered by my employer, as to guide the sales-forces when selling. Training partners and customers as performing presentation on major events in different languages on several security products/solutions is also part of my duty.
    Trainings / Events I did give / I held presentations at.
    Work Certificate for my time as System Engineer !

  • Systemadministrator and Programmer at Worldsoft - My Sysadmin responsibilities are mainly to maintain the servers up and running, ensure the redundancy is provided using loadbalancing, cluster and failover techniques, and that the machines are secured against unauthorized persons. The Programmer part involves the integration of the existing/programmed applications into the systems, backup strategies and security.

  • Business Process Automation (BPA) Group Manager at the European Technical Center (ETC) PSINet ETC PSINet - This involves Building up a group of High Skilled Programmers to analyze work processes and improve these by automating what is possible and makes sense. The responsibility is only European-Wide this time. The MSG-Group is lead by it's Supervisor now.
    Some of the major projects have been:
    - Design, Program, roll out a major monitoring system for all leased lines, later also to monitor customer systems in the Data-Centers. This linked to the finance system.
    - Link the Dominic system (Automated DNS registration system) to PSINet's Infrastructure.
    Trainings I did attend or give.
    Final 2003 Work Certificate for the MSG/BPA !
    Interim 2003 Work Certificate for the BPA !
    I even got a Peak performance Award for this position

  • European Managed Service Group (MSG) Manager at the European Technical Center (ETC) PSINet ETC PSINet - Building up a group of High skilled Engineers to manage secured connectivity of VIP Customers mainly in Europe, but also world-wide.
    Programmed some tools to automate major tasks, as a WebInterface to remotely configure Cisco 710/2400/36xx, Proteon GTX1000 and Ascend P50 routers)
    Interim 2003 Work Certificate for the MSG !
    Customised cisco Network course certificate - on IPSec tunnel configurations with Cisco routers !

  • System Administration Manager at DSPecialists GmbH Responsible for all Computer Systems (Hardware/Software) at DSPecialists, Network, Planing and Programming of needed applications. Also responsible for the IT Security
    Other tasks where:
    Building and Administrating DNS, Mail, News, NIS, Dial-In/out, XDMCP, Cytrix, Print, Fax, SMB, NFS, WWW Servers, Firewalls, bootp, DHCP, Database Management - Connecting File-systems to Databases for heterogenous File/information access with HTML interface.

  • Temporary Student employee at the "Zentraleinrichtung Rechenzentrum der TU-Berlin" (ZRZ)
    where I had to take care of the resource optimization for low network bandwidth, creating an unattended Installation/Rescue/Backup/Update System (CIT - Cluster Installation Toolkit), Teach System administration to administrators from other Universities, Build up the LiNUX-Cluster at the ZRZ (Zentraleinrichtung RechenZentrum) (11000 Users, 72 Workstations on 2 Servers. Also a Unix-Teaching pool of 32PC's running the LiNUX operating systems had to be kept running & updated. This with a 60Hrs/Month Job). Creation of an own Desktop for the ZRZ Users to work on.
    Computer administration Teacher in Heterogenous Networks and their planification for the ZRZ in French/Arabic language for the Technical Cooperation between the TU-Berlin and the Technical University Batna/Algeria
    Work-Certificate for the ZRZ !

Computer skills and knowledge:

Platforms:Linux (Excellent skills in Handling RedHat/Mandrake/Debian/Ubuntu distributions...),
DOS, Windows 3.11,95,98,NT 3.51/4.0/2000/XP/Vista/7, Sun-OS, Next Step, Power Macintosh, OS-X
Languages:Shell/Perl/CGI Scripting, C, Modula, Prolog, Pascal, Opal, HTML, PHP
Database:RDBMS Oracle/SQL, MySQL, Postgres-SQL, LDAP, Radius
Router/VPN:Openroute/Proteon, Cisco, Radguard, Ascend, Routerbord RouterOS
VirtualizationAWS/EC2 Cloud, Docker, Virtualbox, ESX, Owncloud. OpenShift/Kubernetes
Network Security:Radius, Checkpoint, Filter rules/NAT (Cisco/Openroute/Linux OS) ,Snort, Nmap, TCPDump, VPN/Framerelay Tunnels, OpenVPN, spamassassin/anomy, Symantec Gateway Security 54xx/56xx/44xx/16xx/300/400 Series, Symantec Enterprise Firewall 8.x, Symantec Manhunt 3.x IDS and SNS 71xx Series IDS/IPS, Symantec Client Security Corporate Edition, Symantec Enterprise Security Architecture, Symantec Scan Engine Corporate Edition, Symantec Client VPN 8.x, Symantec Brightmail Antispam SMS82xx/SMS81xx Series
Unix Servers:Sendmail/postfix, apache, snmpd, dhcpd, nfs, named/bind, ypbind, ldap, snortd, mrtg, sshd, fingerd, telnetd, wu-ftpd/proftpd, innd/news, uucp, ircd, icecast, inet-superdaemon, lpd/cups, sensord, syslogd, mysld/postgres/oracle/radiusd/radiator, squid, fetchmail, crond/at, nfsd/coda/samba, apmd/acpid, pppd/ipppd/slip/plip, spamd/anomy, Safesquid, Amanda, FreeSwan IPSec
Misc: Excellent PC/AT Compatible Hardware skills
Excellent Linux System/Security (Packet Filtering/Intrusion Detection) knowledge
Excellent Networking (TCP/IP) knowledge
Excellent Frame-Relay type knowledge

Further qualification:
Fluent speaking:German, French, English
Good speaking:Italian, Portuguese
Some speaking:Arabic (Tunisian dialect)

Drivers license: cars, Motorbikes (Unlimited) and Truck 17T
Diver's license Padi: Rescue Diver (Diving since I'm 10) / FFESSM N2
Playing Saxophone (alto)  

Written on Monday, 28 January 2008 - 20:39 | 54584 views
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