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Running amok   [ 
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->  Joerg's Blog 
Usual suspect

 It happened again. At the same time, in the US and Germany - and now - politicians are looking for a culprit !

I feel very sorry for the dead and their relatives. However the one to blame is the actual system and those controlling it.

Of course - as everyone expects, Killergames are the ones !
And this, without any valid background. I mean - what would you expect from politicians in Germany setting up a half-Billion Euro package for Banks, giving 2500,- Euro to everyone trashing his old car and buying a new one (ecologically spoken, this is a catastrophy. The energy and resources you extract from our planet do not justify this), and just 100,- Euro per child ? I mean - children are our Future - and our future is less important than the financial crisis and the car industry to them. This only shows - to all of us - that cars are more important than our future !
And now - having no one to point the finger at - they say the killer games are responsible in making our children go amok ?

Dear politicians - do you really believe in what you say ??? Are you really that stupid ?
It's not the killergames that make our children run amok. It's the entire system, starting at the family, education and human environment.
Fix that one first, and you'll see our children having better ideas for their future.

For me, playing so called killer-games (actually Unreal Tournamen 3 / Warfare Mod, and Left-4-dead), these are games which do actually tighten the team-spirit, teach people to work together to have a chance to win the game. This is as entertaining as playing Hand-Ball which is also a Team-Game. Also - if you watch TV - have you seen how much blood, brutality, death you see in a so called real world ?
Where - dear Politicians - is your involvment in getting our kids integrated into Teams ? By giving their parents money to buy a new car in a financial crisis ? By making sure there are enough people to pay the rent of the 60 and 70 generation and making it very hard for any woman to raise a child in our work-environment ?

For me - it is very clear who to point a finger at to denote the culprit (even though I usually never finger-point at anyone).

You - Dear Politician !

As long as you don't care about the people and staying in your political microcosmos, these things will happen over and over again. And I am afraid, there will be nothing you can do about as long as you do not do something for the people instead of listening to the best paying lobby !

And please - tell the media to stop fingerpointing at the Killer-Games, they can't do a thing about it. These are programs, have no intelligence and they can't defend themselves...


Written on Wednesday, 11 March 2009 - 22:06 | 6511 views
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