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 Many people tend to believe that governments tend to rule our country. Well - really, think about it ! Who actually rules us, the world ?

Do you really think that any politician has the power to really rule a country ? (except of course if it's a dictator).
In my personal opinion, I think western worlds have long given the power to the big multinationals. Why ? Well - simple. They have the money - to dictate their own laws, will and rules to our Governments.

Just look at 2 different sectors like Music copyright, Medication. What do these sectors have in common ? A very strong (money-wyse) lobby. They can buy almost everything, and even the right to make their will get through court if it is required in terms of media support. The few people that go against them have no chance. They run out of money way before they can even achieve something meaningfull in court. So - who wins ? guess what - the Multinational.
And - what do governments do to help these multinationals ? Simple - keep people uninformed (aka stupid) to better control them. Not correct ? Well - just have a look at the existing TV Channels.

At home - I do have a Satellite Dish, and the receiver presents me with 650 available Channels. From these 650 Available channels, about 600 are encrypted. So - for me, totally useless. From the 50 remaining, 2 provide some interesting programs from time to time. All the rest - public brain-washing. What do you get ? Filtered information (filtered, not in terms of what could be interesting for the Public, but what sells best), News-channel, Soap-Opera's, and show's... What do all these programs have in common ? Well - they (even info-channels) do participate in people's misinformational education. And - with time, it's getting easyer and easyer for governments and multinationals to control people's wills, as with time, they forget what an Own Will is.
By example. What is a publicity spot ? A way to inform people that a new product exists. But what will that spot also suggest to most people ? If they don't have it, they don't belong to the average citizen. So - let's go out and buy it. And - if you look at the frequency these informational spots occure, you'll see that they tend to show up way more often than by example the program, movie you are obviously watching.
But what is the worst part in all that ? In germany by example you have to pay GEZ Gebuehren, a monthly fee to finance the non influenced News aka. neutral point of view of the provided information by the government. However, if you see the amount of publicity spots you get into the normal day, and the quality of the news provided - guess who controls the information flow ? And - if you compare the news from different channels, what difference exists in there ? Almost none - only the logo's have been changed.

So - to make a long story very short - what can we do about that ?
Think for ourselves, and don believe all that is coming through the news channel.

As a small exercise for yourself - just have a look at the media hype done around the Swine flew. Well, I'll give you a very small hint. Check out - when the swine-flew vaccine has been patent protected, and when it was made public ... Do you really think the Virus knocks at the door of Multinationals one year before it actually hits ?

And now - please tell me, who you would call Stupid in all that ?  

Written on Tuesday, 15 September 2009 - 21:12 | 6656 views

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