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Tuesday, 4 August 2020  -
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Usual suspect

 while reading the news about fullbodyscanners, and what people think (Sorry - German) about their usage in Germany, they think it will make life more secure by taking the airplane etc... Videocameras will make shopping areas, dark places at night, more secure.
I tend to admit that the shopping mall will be more secure against thieves, as there are way more security people around. What about empty places ? Do you really think these will be more secure just because there is a camera you can disable by just taking out the cable ?
And - the fullbody scanner ? Are your really sure the scanner will be able to detect explosives terrorists have swallowed ?
Damn - if you really do - your capability to think by yourself has drastically dropped already. Please lign up in the huge Low-IQ Lane...

I personally tend to believe that most people do not realize they are giving away their right to have a personal opinion, freedom of speech and privacy. Through this, I have to recognize - the media are playing well in the hands of the politicians. Manipulation of the masses has started. It's already very strong in countries like the US and the UK, but the rest of europe follows. Soon, we will be asked to remove information we put on our website Blog's (as this one) because we argument against their security politics. What will follow after ?
Orwell's vision of a fully controlled state is actually almost there already. We still have a slight chance to fight against it. However - as soon as we provide the government the responsibility of our Intellect, we give up whatever our Fathers have fought for. Freedom to live with your own mind

With this said - I remember a quote I heard once from Albert Einstein:

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe

Note however, that the longer I look at the way Human masses move - the more this quote gets valid. And another quote I tend to tell here and there is:

The average IQ of a mass of people decreases linearly with the number of individuals composing this mass

Eventually we should start to think about reducing the number of individuals in our governments. This could drastically increase the number of Intelligent decisions. 

Written on Wednesday, 13 January 2010 - 12:05 | 6687 views
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