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Achievement Unlocked: PADI Rescue Diver  
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 as the entire family is slowly getting into the Scuba-Diving hobby, I felt I had to do a little bit to make sure that we can dive as secure as possible. Also, in terms to reduce the costs of diving in future, the only possibility would be to be able to just rent the air-tanks (imagine the average cost of all of us doing one dive would be 200 euro) which costs up to 10 Euro/Tank, I'd need to be able to handle our entire dive alltogether. For that - the plan is to become Divemaster next year. This year, I just made up Rescue Diver (as is level 3 of the PADI diver program).

We did (Family and I) go down to the Banyuls underwater reserve for me to actually make the Rescue Diver course, while my oldest daughter did dive during my trainings (with other buddy's), and sometimes, my wife and youngest joined to make a Discovery Dive (actually, they each made 4). Even our son joined us and also did a Discovery dive over the Weekend.
Needless to say that the underwater world was totally different from what we had seen in Greece. So many fish, and so big! Check it out for yourself. I uploaded a rather large video on Youtube about our dives. 

Written on Saturday, 28 July 2018 - 14:02 | 2905 views

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