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Prague in Winter  
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 Instead of going skiing we decided to visit Prague. Everyone we knew who had already been there had told us how beautiful the city is. So we booked a huge apartment in the city centre, right in the middle of the Jewish neighbourhood and we flew there with the whole family.

Prague is definitely one of the most breathtaking cities we’ve visited. One can just walk around and enjoy the delicate and ornamented facades, each being unique. There are colours everywhere. As the city is very clean it is safe to roam around with your eyes scanning the roofs as scattered hanging elements and statues can be glimpsed (Take a look at our gallery).

All our visits were interesting and sometimes enchanting. We enjoyed the must-see sites such as the Prague castle, the Klementina library, the clock tower and so on. But we also discovered quieter places such as the Kafka museum or the Mucha museum.

There are many things to do in Prague at night. First it is imperative to walk around the city again because all the buildings are illuminated and it is absolutely gorgeous. As we had booked a dinner-cruise on the river Vlatva, we spent a whole evening enjoying a very nice meal while listening to a jazz band and watching Prague by night cruising upstream and downstream. Light seems to be important in Prague. There, we watched a light-show with dancers playing with lights and colours. As no words were spoken, only music, it was not a problem to attend.

And there is the goulash, and the cakes, and the beer ... and all those traditional restaurants and breweries in which you are nicely ... or rudely welcomed. This is the flip side of our enchanting trip. Prague citizens can be terribly impolite while others are very very nice. There is no fair balance. But we were warned and we don’t regret our trip !!! 

Written on Sunday, 24 March 2019 - 17:22 | 3230 views

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