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The Venice of the North  
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 We spent 3 days in Bruges, nicknamed the Venice of the North and we loved it. This adorable medieval town is just a two and a half hour drive from our home and we left on a Sunday morning encountering no traffic and reaching our hotel just before lunch. The hotel was located in the historical city centre and once we parked the car we did everything on foot. And this is how Bruges must be appreciated as all the little streets and specific houses are best discovered walking.
As the sun was shining we ate quickly and went on a cruise touring the famous canals of the city. The 30-minute boat-trip was really nice and there were so many houses with a beautiful waterfront (we took a few pictures), we started talking about buying one but changed our mind after seeing the prices on the market !!!
Then we just roamed around, visiting famous buildings such as the town hall and market place, the local museum and churches, the old medieval hospital and the Historium where a virtual reconstitution of the Bruges' history was available. We also went to the Diamond museum where we attended a very interesting presentation of the art of diamond cutting.
Bruges is a very welcoming city with warm people and good food. We went shopping and came back with chocolates (of course) and a dragon egg (yes they do exist !!!). AND we found a gramophone sold on a flea market, a real one, working perfectly well. It looks awesome in our living room !!! 

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