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If you are reading this, you must definitly be bored.
Either that, or you're looking for information about this site and/or its author.
For the first group of people I advise YouTube. For the second group, well, read on.

This is my personal blog page. I'll be referring about all things happening to me - that might be interesting for whoever reads it. I can not garantee it will be very high level for everyone though... But it is mainly maintained for far away relatives/family to have a glimpse of what I do with my life.

So - what is a blog anyway ? For this - check out Wikipedia - they have the best description for this. If you want to contact me - you'll have to reformat my E-Mail - so - good luck.

What I am ? I call myself a hacker.
Please note - most people think about the bad guys doing bad things to other computers. Well - I would say - that those guys are the Black Hat guys - also known as crackers. What I call myself - is a White Hat hacker. See it as a system administrator using professional tools to probe the robustness of his own systems and networks, and trying to get the maximum out of the used hardware - making its use as efficient as possible. This is legitimate - as I do not break into anything - while crackers attempt gaining unauthorized access to systems for eventual unethic actions.
The difference between hackers and crackers does not lie in the tools or techniques they use (the same hammer can be used to build a wall, or break it down), but in their intentions !
For me - building a stable and secure system is a very interesting challenge, and to know it is stable and secure - I need to test it with all tools available. And this is what I like doing most.

Please note that all I say on these pages is for personal use only and under no circumstance has to be taken/used/copied without my explicit written permission !


Microsoft collapsing ?   [ 
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 It seems that the dominance of Microsoft is slowly but steadily reaching it's end.
Actually - this was to be expected. All FOSS people knew about it already, only the analysts and companies didn't and still don't want to believe in it. Computer world has an interesting read - check the - article.
The biggest issue with Microsoft's Microcosmos was that they kept their technology for them, innovation was stopped/prevented wherever they could, release cycles taking too long - and because of the 2 decades of compatibility they need to keep - it is not possible anymore to keep up with the emerging technologies of the Net ...

Please don't forget the aggressivness of Microsoft Sales/Marketing compaigns which actually show the battle to survival of that big unflexible creature.

What did Linus Torvalds say a long time ago - on the aims for the Linux Operating System ?

World Domination, Fast

Well - we are not far away now - we do see the end of the tunnel.

This always reminds me the following:

  • first they ignore you
  • then they laugh at you
  • then they fight you
  • and then you win

Microsoft has actually reached Stage 3 ... let's see how long they can fight... 

Written on Friday, 11 April 2008 - 00:21 | 4964 views
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Are you running a legal copy of your OS ?   [ 
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 Well - some people always have problems with not having a legal copy of their running Operating System. I had the same issue for years too ... But finally - I got over getting my Legal Copy Certification ... here it is :D
I have to say it looks way nicer than anything else I have seen so far ... And - from now on - I am legally running the OS of my Choice. BTW - I found the license here

Written on Thursday, 10 April 2008 - 21:39 | 3381 views
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The screws are taken out ...   [ 
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 As it has been 9 months ago that I broke my foot - time has come to take out the screws.
Some people would say - why take them out ? Well - I felt them all the time - as the position they were put into - I felt them everytime I was walking around. Also - as I am flying readiocontrolled model airplanes - I know what it means to repair a wing - and put a screw into a broken piece of wood. Guess where it will break the next time ... and guess what - it will require less force to actually break it than before.

I was - unfortunatly not able to get the last radios of my foot - without screws. However they looked quite funny - as if there were channels some parasites used to get through the foot ;) Anyway - in case I'll get these - I may upload them ... 

Written on Tuesday, 1 April 2008 - 13:31 | 3042 views
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How long will Humanity survive global warming ?   [ 
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 So - a long time we have been talking about Global Warming - not taking into account - what has recently discovered - though suspected - global dimming.

So - will our planet, evolution survive ? Definitly yes.
Will Humanity survive ? I would say: No ! The ods are against us.
This - after having seen some reports - check an introduction on WikiPedia and a video on google.
Why ? In one hand, we didn't deserve it.

In short - we have been spared by global warming because global dimming came into place and reduced solar energy hitting the ground. Only - if we start to get cleaner Air - the temperature increase will double according to what has been predicted for the next 100Years - because the dimming is being reduced, more solar energy reaching the ground and heating it up way more. The balance between Global Warming and Global Dimming - is what has inhibited the identification of massive temperatur increase.

So - nature/evolution does not care about us. It will continue to create new life-forms - even if this time it will be harder - as Humanity has destabilized all existing natural balances. So it might take longer this time - but evolution has lots of time ... not as we do.

The only possibility we really have in the long run- might be to leave planet Earth, and try our luck for a second chance on another planet. I however doubt we'll make it. Politics will make this fail ... With a little bit of luck though - the survival instinct of a group of people might lead Humanity to try to find a way out. If we will be successfull - only time till show !

Some articles articles about global dimming can be found here:

Written on Tuesday, 25 September 2007 - 23:33 | 3011 views
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Anti Hacking Laws in Germany   [ 
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Usual suspect

 More and more German security experts are removing their work related to security exploits from their webserver - just because the Anti-Hacker Laws came to effect in Germany. In short - this law prohibits any German to possess and/or host hacker software on his computer - this without specifying enough the term of Hacker-Software which makes this law dangerous.
In my personal opinion, this shows again the short-view of our politicians. If our own people are not able to seek problems, security issues in their environments, by using tools the crackers on the net out there use - we are having an issue. Why ? Because we will be unable to test our environments, servers, whatever systems we have connected to the Internet, and find out if these hackers would be able to gain access to our systems or not.
So - according to my knowledge - even if I am programing on a website that is supposed to be very secure due to the structure and secure design - I would not be able to test the security of my work just because some politicians have made the existence of these tools on my computers - a crime. So - Dear Mr. Politicians - would you drive a car that has not been crash-tested ? What you impose here is exactly that. Please remember that most crackers do not exist/live in Germany. And those crackers from Far Far Away do not care about our Anti Hacking Laws. So actually - what you guys did is shoot yourselves into your own feet.

Personally - I will not follow this law. Because it is one of the most stupid laws that our beloved politicians have brought out without thinking about it in depth. I would even hope there was a valid reason other than ignorance and stupidity... This is the only valid explanation I would accept, to validate the fact that our politicians have some brains !
So - for the first time in my Blog's life - I do give the Bullshit Award to someone else than myself. Namely to all who have worked hard to bring out this irresponsible Law - which will bring us more drawbacks than any possible advantage. 

Written on Wednesday, 15 August 2007 - 19:42 | 2701 views
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