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 Conexant AccessRunner Installation Disk 1 
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 Module Description: Rushmore Win98/Win2000 installation file for the Conexant AccessRunner USB ADSL Interface Device

Driver Version from 10/29/2003,

Author: Huntsville Development Center
$Archive: /Projects/Tigris and Derivatives Branches/Branch099/Customer Supplied  
          Files/Rushmore/Install Files/INF/WAN/Win98-Win2000/CxtRmNC.inf $
$Date: 10/29/03 11:54a $

Copyright  Conexant Systems Inc. 2000 - 2003.  All rights reserved


FileName: (1MBytes), Type: application/x-zip
Version: 32.099.084, License: Conexant Systems Inc. 
Author: Huntsville Development Center <No Mail>, Homepage N/A
Added on: Monday, 17 September 2007 Downloads: 1207 
Category: Hardware - Lex Light Mini-ITX
Short Link: 
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