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Folder open  Apple Mac-mini [ Expand ]
  Question ?  How can I control the FAN on my mac mini ? 
  Question ?  Are there any general infos about the Mac mini available ? 
  Question ?  I can't hear any sound through my microphone connected to line in 
  Question ?  How can I get rid of the GPT signature on a harddrive of the mac-mini ? 
  Question ?  Is it possible to run linux without mac-os X on a mac-mini ? 
  Question ?  How can I tell the kernel which sound board to load ? 
  Question ?  Are there benchmarks on the mac-mini regarding different specs ? 
  Question ?  What startup keys / Boot options to exist on the mac mini ? 
  Question ?  Is there a listing of the beep codes for the mini ? 
  Question ?  How to Disable/Enable Spotlight under Mac OS-X ? 
  Question ?  Mac Mini 4,1 builtin bluetooth receiver and Logitech MX5500 MX Revolution 
  Question ?  How can I migrate my iTunes playlists to Amarok ? 
  Question ?  How to get KUbuntu onto a macmin 2,1 

Folder closed  Common Linux problems [ Expand ]
  Question ?  BIOS Updates for Epia-Boards fix DMA-Issues 
  Question ?  The Vt1211 sensors-module driver does not work under kernel 2.6.13 ? 
  Question ?  How can In use a crypted Filesystem ? 
  Question ?  LILO won't boot. I get LI 
  Question ?  How can I boot from the SATA drive 2 of a Software Raid-1 System ? 
  Question ?  How can I manipulate X509 certificates ? 
  Question ?  How can I generate self signed certificates for various services ? 
  Question ?  How does SATA Raid work ? Fake or real raid ... 
  Question ?  Logitech MX700 mouse configuration with XOrg 
  Question ?  How can I reboot the Linux system without access to the disks ? 
  Question ?  How do I prepare the SUSE 10.0 source for compiling an external module ? 
  Question ?  Logitech MX700 Keyboard configuration for XOrg 
  Question ?  Thunderbird E-Mail Header extension 
  Question ?  Is there a way to easily check a valid ssl connection ? 
  Question ?  Firefox 3 beta and prefetch-next ? 
  Question ?  How can I identify UUID on harddisk partitions ? 
  Question ?  How can I do some network troubleshooting ? 
  Question ?  Are there ways to check certificate purposes ? 
  Question ?  Can I resize (grow) a NTFS Partition under Linux ? 
  Question ?  How can I Identify a System using DMI data ? 
  Question ?  How to reinstall grub from a rescue mode ? 
  Question ?  How can I mount a SMB share under linux ? 
  Question ?  Dual Pairing bluetooth keyboard under Linux and OS-X ? 
  Question ?  Is there a way to migrate playcount data from amarok to xbmc ? 

Folder closed  CV860A / Lex Light [ Expand ]
  Question ?  How do I configure the Conexant Accessrunner ADSL-Module for the CV860A Board ? 
  Question ?  How do I need to configure the sensors stuff on the Lex CV860A ? 
  Question ?  Adding USB Wireless Lan for Lex CV860A System 
  Question ?  Powersaving features on the Lex 860A with kernel 2.6.x ? 
  Question ?  Installing mandrake 9.1 on the Lex CV860A System ? 
  Question ?  What does the Lex Light CV860A look like ? 
  Question ?  Lex CV860A / Epia 5000 system instability 
  Question ?  Kernel configuration - Lex CV860A 533MHz Epia V CPU 
  Question ?  Any more informations on the CV860A Board ? 

Folder closed  eBook Reader / PRS-505 [ Expand ]
  Question ?  What eBooks can I read with the Sony eBook reader PRS-505 ? 
  Question ?  Can I manage my eBook Lbrary under another OS than windows ? 
  Question ?  Can I personalize my PRS-505 eBook ? 
  Question ?  Where can I buy/find some eBooks ? 

Folder closed  Epia M10000 / Hush [ Expand ]
  Question ?  How can I flash the BIOS on the Epia 10000M mini-ITX system under Linux ? 
  Question ?  How can I flash the BIOS on the Epia 10000M mini-ITX system under DOS ? 
  Question ?  I can't get a Screen-Resolution higher than 1024x768 using the X - FBDev ? 
  Question ?  Why is the Display quality so bad ? 
  Question ?  Crackling sound using the M10000 Nemiah under Mandrake 9.x/10.x ? 
  Question ?  lm_sensors doesn't find the correct sensor chip under under Mandrake 9.1 ? 
  Question ?  Building the 2.6 kernel for the Epia M10000 Board with Nemiah CPU 
  Question ?  Any more informations on the Epia M10000 board ? 
  Question ?  Specific xorg.conf files for CLE266 Chip ? 
  Question ?  My Nemiah M10000 always crashes when rebooting SUSE 9.3 after installation ? 
  Question ?  What does the Hush mini-ITX PC look like ? 
  Question ?  Why use via_agp.o ? via.o ? 

Folder closed  Epia SP8000E [ Expand ]
  Question ?  How do I update the Bios on the Epia SP8000E Board ? 
  Question ?  How do I configure the sensors stuff ? 
  Question ?  Any more informations about the Epia SP8000E Board ? 
  Question ?  How does CPU Frequency scaling, e.g. powersaving work ? 
  Question ?  Xorg configuration files for Epia SP8000E Board CN400 Chipset ? 
  Question ?  Epia SP8000E Board Layout 
  Question ?  Why an Epia SP8000E Board ? 
  Question ?  VIA CN400 Chipset Overview 
  Question ?  Building the 2.6 kernel for the Epia SP8000E Board with Nemiah CPU 
  Question ?  Does the SP8000E run fanless in the Travla Case C138? 
  Question ?  Does the Epia SP8000E run fanless ? 

Folder closed  Linux Distribution Specific [ Expand ]
  Question ?  Adding some apps to Kubuntu 
  Question ?  How can I add Microsoft Fonts to my Ubuntu System ? 
  Question ?  Can I move the boot partition of my xUbuntu System to another partition ? 
  Question ?  Some apt tricks for debian based systems 
  Question ?  Can I move my OS from one Harddisk to another one ? 

Folder closed  META Questions [ Expand ]
  Question ?  What is the Gnu Public Licence 
  Question ?  What does the name SOLSYS stand for ? 
  Question ?  What is a Kibit ? Or why does my OS show me less space than the manufacturer of the Disk ? 
  Question ?  Why do I not see the full 4GB Ram on my system ? 

Folder closed  PHP Phobos [ Expand ]
  Question ?  Why does phpPhobos look so weird in IE ? 
  Question ?  For a website that talks about security you have an invalid security certificate ! 
  Question ?  What formatting capabilities does the local submit interface provide ? 
  Question ?  Can we download a copy of phpPhobos ? 
  Question ?  mp3 streamer - Discontinued 
  Question ?  3dpixmaps - discontinued 

Folder closed  QNAP SS839 NAS [ Expand ]
  Question ?  I seem to have the wrong disk size using MRTG to poll the QNap Device ? 
  Question ?  Raid 5 Array won't show up after a cold-boot ? 

Folder closed  RC Models [ Expand ]
  Question ?  Common connectors for LiPo batteries 
  Question ?  RC Batteries: Status 
  Question ?  RC Batteries: Battery life cycle listing 
  Question ?  FOM: Figure of Merit 
  Question ?  LiPo Battery internal resistance measurement 
  Question ?  MP: Manufacturers Promise 
  Question ?  Max I: Maximum recommended average current draw 

Folder closed  Routerboard RBxxxAH [ Expand ]
  Question ?  How can I archive Backups automatically on RouterOS ? 
  Question ?  What is the maximum transfer speed on an RB153 Board ? 
  Question ?  What does a RB153 look like ? 
  Question ?  Blacklist IP through phpAPI and terminate active connections 

Folder closed  Server in SolLan [ Expand ]
  Question ?  Borgbackup upgrade 

Folder closed  Stargate's Backup script [ Expand ]
  Question ?  Backup script usage - Full backup first, then incremental ! 
  Question ?  Where can I download the stargate-backup script ? 
  Question ?  Known problems on the Backup-script ? 
  Question ?  What is the mirror mode ? 
  Question ?  How do I install the backup scripts ? 
  Question ?  How do I recover data from the backup archive ? 
  Question ?  What's the stargate Backup script ? 
  Question ?  Why has tar archiver been removed from the backup-script feature ? 
  Question ?  How do I configure the backup-script ? 

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