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Question ? I seem to have the wrong disk size using MRTG to poll the QNap Device ?   [
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 This comes from the fact that the QNap SNMP Daemon shows the number of blocks, and the block size is set to 4 - if the default block-size is 1024.

Use a multiplier on the MRTG Line to have the correct partition size displayed.

Target[nas_md0_data]:[COMMUNITY]@[IP-Address] * 4000

This will correct the data output. Of course - if you can do that on the RRD tool display, it would be easier. BTW - if the data is coming in as counter - use 4096 - to adapt to byte-counter. 

Entered by smurphy on Monday, 23 August 2010 @ 16:20:08  
Linux on QNAP Hardware - QNAP SS839 NAS, # Hits: 53831
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