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Question ? How can I flash the BIOS on the Epia 10000M mini-ITX system under DOS ?   [
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 Usually, you would use the Flitedeck utility from VIA. However - this one is deprecated, and won't work on the new plattform.
The problem with the Hush-PC is that it has no Floppy drive connected to it. If you try a USB-Floppy drive, it won't work either - the awdflash utility will deactivate all USB stuff _before_ reading the new BIOS in - thus cutting the tree it's sitting on.

Solution: Burn a Bootable CD-rom. for this -you need a Floppy-bootdisk image. With a Cd-Writing utility - copy all DOS-Files onto the CD, add the awdflash.exe utility and the new BIOS.bin file on it. Then go to the next step to add the bootable Image (Use the Floppy-Image) and you're done.
Boot from the CD - and once done - type in the following command:

awdflash.exe BIOS.bin /py/sn/cd/cp/tiny

and you should be done. Note that this should work with future and old versions of BIOS's.  

Entered by smurphy on Saturday, 18 August 2007 @ 23:57:58  
Linux on VIA Epia Hardware - Epia M10000 / Hush, # Hits: 89331

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